Talent Management

What is Talent Management?

There are numerous definitions of talent management and the term itself can sometimes feel exclusive. Essentially, talent management is about maximising the potential of all our people, whether they have ambitions to be a senior leader, a great technical expert or simply want to be fulfilled and operating at their best in their current NHS role whatever that might be.

For systems, organisations and individuals who have a responsibility for talent management, here are some top tips and underpinning principles that we think best demonstrate where to start when thinking about what great talent management looks like.

Why is Talent Management important?

Attracting, developing and retaining diverse and talented people is fundamental to ensuring that we have a happy and healthy workforce delivering at their best for the benefit of patients and communities. 

Why do it?

  • To be successful in today’s complex, health and social care system means effectively identifying, developing and retaining our talented staff.
  • For services to thrive and continuously improve we need to develop a talent pipeline able to support new leadership, skill development and succession planning.
  • To be able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing needs of our patients and the services they use, we need the right people, processes, and technology.  This means our entire workforce needs access to a wide range of development provisions that enable the identification of talent which then helps us to support and meet the needs of future patients and service users.

Take a look at this video of senior leaders sharing their career experiences and perspectives on why talent management is important to them.

Our Key Priorities

• Developing the succession pipelines across the NHS towards being more diverse and equitable.

• Increase overall awareness of the importance of inclusive talent management amongst all staff especially those in protected characteristic groups who traditionally have suffered from a lack of exposure to talent schemes.

• Enable all staff to exploit the talent and career opportunities open to them so that diverse participation in talent schemes and Leadership programmes improves.

• Support the development of aspirant directors as successors to executive director posts and increase visibility of our internal talent.

• Support and enable talent management improvement and innovation across systems and organisations.

In addition to the above, the Midlands Talent and Leadership Board comprised of senior leaders from across the Midlands will help us in providing a strategic steer on where best to place our focus. The Board met for the first time in December 2020.

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