Cancellation policy

When delegates cancel their place in the days leading up to events it has a major impact on the success of the event. Occasionally events have to be cancelled altogether or postponed. Whenever events run with fewer delegates it affects the breadth and value of learning for other delegates.

It is understood that cancelling places at short notice is sometimes unavoidable; however your commitment to attending events is crucial to the success and outcome of the events.

Clearly communicating our approach to cancellations will enable us to effectively manage non-attendance and will allow us to offer cancelled places to other individuals to ensure maximum utilisation benefit.

Cancellations should be made in the first instance by email to the generic Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team inbox at the first available opportunity [email protected]. This can be followed up with a phone call if necessary; however email will be considered as the formal notification in all circumstances. In return, confirmation of your cancellation will be sent by email.

If you are unable to attend your programme you can send a substitute delegate as long as they meet the programme criteria for the event. Substitutions can be made up to and including the day of the event. Should it not be possible to provide a substitute the sponsoring organisation will be informed of the non-attendance.

If the participant has gone through a full application process to secure their place prior to cancelling, we will endeavour, with the sponsoring organisation, to substitute their place with another applicant for that programme.

Should a participant only be able to attend less than half of a programme/event due to late arrival or early departure, (after 11am and before 3pm) this will be registered as non-attendance of the programme and the sponsoring organisation will be notified.

Where a programme requires full attendance over a series of workshops, attendance at all elements of these programmes is expected. Failure to attend all sessions will have an impact on both personal development and programme delivery and will impact on the individual’s opportunity to access any future development offers.

By booking onto an event individuals are agreeing to attend unless full notice along with a rationale for non-attendance has been provided.

Should an individual fail to attend two events the Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team will notify them that any further non-attendance will result in access to all our offers being removed. Therefore, failure to attend three events will result in access to offers being removed and the sponsoring organisation being notified of the action.

Cancellation Timeframe

More than two working weeks’ notice – No action

Less than two working weeks’ notice – Sponsoring organisation notified of individual’s non-attendance

Cancellation of three or more events made by the same individual – Removal of access to all future offers and sponsor organisation notified of action

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone an event/programme should unexpected circumstances happen. We will always endeavour to avoid such circumstance and will provide as much notice as permitted. Should an event need to be cancelled we will not be held responsible for any travel or accommodation that has been pre booked by the attendee.

June 2020