Midlands Leadership Academy

Leadership Development

As we navigate new ways of working during and following the pandemic and look towards the future, we are designing and developing with you, our stakeholders, programmes and events that will produce high quality leadership development opportunities for the NHS and our colleagues following this time of change.

Please keep checking our Leadership Development page which will be updated shortly with our new offers once they are available.


Healthcare Leadership Model

The Healthcare Leadership Model for health has been developed to create a vision for leadership, one that reflects the very best in care and compassion, alongside a focus on excellent in strategy, vision, direction and engagement.

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National Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care. This includes national programmes such as the Edward Jenner Programme and other national offers such as the bitesize learning in Project M.

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Leadership Learning Zone

Our Leadership Learning Zone features a suite of 22 leadership learning modules including An Introduction to leadership, Coaching, Talent Management, Equality and Diversity, System Leadership, Resilience, Unconscious Bias and more. 

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