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As we navigate new ways of working during and following the pandemic and look towards the future, we are designing and developing with you, our stakeholders, programmes and events that will produce high quality leadership development opportunities for the NHS and our colleagues following this time of change.

Please keep checking our Leadership Development page which will be updated shortly with our new offers once they are available.


Leadership Development 2021/22

Coming Soon!

After the brilliant responses we got to last year’s learning interventions, we have been carefully designing a package of leadership development offers for 2021/22.

Some of the things we are bringing to you soon will be:

Introduction to Leadership & Management Series:

Our Introduction to Leadership and Management Series 2021-22 provides support and development interventions using a variety of engaging scenarios and techniques to explore the day-to-day challenges identified by leaders and managers on the ground in front-line health care roles.

Aimed at aspiring leaders taking their first steps in a management role and looking to build their leadership capability, it develops an understanding of the characteristics of effective leadership and management and the difference between them. Participants can apply to attend all five workshops in the series or choose those they feel relevant to their learning and progression.

  • Leadership and management – What is the difference?
  • Half day workshop on identifying the key characteristics of leadership and management and the difference between them to include addressing the relationship between leadership, management, and culture in the workplace.
  • Understanding your leadership style
  • Half day workshop on exploring and understanding different leadership styles and what that means in terms of behaviours and how to be adaptable and shift styles to fit the need.
  • What is inclusive leadership?
  • Half day workshop to develop an understanding of inclusive leadership touching on unconscious bias and appreciating difference to empower everyone to contribute and feel valued and respected.
  • Conducting courageous conversations
  • Half day workshop focusing on how to conduct meaningful, coaching style conversations that are inclusive and compassionate in the workplace to enable others.
  • What is systems leadership?
  • Half day workshop to explore understandings and interpretations of systems leadership and what this means for you in leading and managing relationships beyond the boundaries of your team or organisation and within the broader community of care.

We will be releasing more information as well as dates to book soon!

The Complete Leadership Series 2021/22:

After the success of 2020’s Complete Leadership Series, we have expanded our offer to include more workshops, some mini series and more topics to equip leaders and managers with useful tools and learning to bring out the best in themselves and others for  a brighter future for leadership in the NHS. This will be aimed mainly at Emerging leaders but all are welcome who wish to join us.

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Healthcare Leadership Model

The Healthcare Leadership Model for health has been developed to create a vision for leadership, one that reflects the very best in care and compassion, alongside a focus on excellent in strategy, vision, direction and engagement.

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National Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care. This includes national programmes such as the Edward Jenner Programme and other national offers such as the bitesize learning in Project M.

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Leadership Learning Zone

Our Leadership Learning Zone features a suite of 22 leadership learning modules including An Introduction to leadership, Coaching, Talent Management, Equality and Diversity, System Leadership, Resilience, Unconscious Bias and more. 

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If you miss out on a chance to book a workshop please fill out the expression of interest form below. If there are cancellations or more sessions made available, we will email you to let you know.