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Are you new to coaching and mentoring and want to know more? Watch the video below!

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Where to access coaching and mentoring

You can register as a coachee or mentee on our midlands coaching and mentoring hub – click here

Coaching and mentoring is provided at no cost to the individual and you can access as much or as little as is needed.

Where to register if you already have coaching or mentoring training and experience

If you already have coaching qualifications equivalent to an ILM5 or higher and are based in the midlands you can register as a coach on our coaching register.

If you have mentoring training or experience and are based in the midlands you can register as a mentor on our mentoring register.


Coaching Development Series – Out now! Book via events page

‘Command and Control’ leadership may have its place during times of urgent crisis.  We know, however, that a coaching approach to leadership, one that embraces diversity and demonstrates inclusion and compassion, is how we empower those around us. It is this approach that helps us to build a motivated, high performing workforce focused on collective results.

This practical and interactive coaching development series will give emerging leaders the skills and confidence to conduct coaching conversations in the workplace. No previous training or qualifications in coaching are required.

What the series is about 

This series is about helping participants to develop the skills and demonstrate the behaviours needed to have powerful and effective coaching conversations. It will enable participants to empower others and, when necessary, undertake difficult conversations.

It is a highly practical course in which participants will have lots of opportunities to practice coaching conversations and to give and receive feedback.

Main outcomes/benefits 

  1. A toolbox of tools and techniques to help participants back in the workplace.
  2. A clear understanding of the skills and behaviours involved in undertaking coaching conversations.
  3. The capability and confidence in undertaking a range of conversations using coaching techniques.

Coaching & Mentoring offers 2021/22 – You said, we did.

Exciting things are happening in the world of Midlands Coaching & Mentoring!

We are proud to release the first few sessions of Coaching and Mentoring CPD as well as Supervision sessions for coaching and mentoring from August 2021 to March 2022.

This is the first year we have offered mentoring CPD and Supervision sessions, which are being run by Emma Coller and the team at Growth Pod, all designed around feedback collected from mentors last year. There are some really exciting topics and we are looking forward to seeing our mentors setting themselves up for success and being supported together.

Our Coaching CPD and Supervision sessions are being delivered by Becci Martin and the team at BOO Coaching and Consulting who have some brilliant sessions in store inspired by coaches’ feedback and discussions from last year.  Our coaches have always been open about what support they need, and we are excited to support them to be their brilliant selves again in 2021/22.

At Midlands LLL we listen to our audience and will always try to stay as responsive to needs as possible. With that in mind we went out for ideas and feedback in March 2021 to ask for suggested topics or requests around our coaching and mentoring CPD offers.

Some of the topics requested were:

  • How to get the best use out of technology for coaching
  • Going back to basics
  • Coaching and personality preference
  • Coaching and neuroscience
  • Coaching and personal bias
  • NLP
  • Coaching transition /post pandemic
  • Burnout
  • More supervision sessions

We took these suggestions onboard and have co-designed this year’s starting offers around these themes,  At the end of each CPD session coaches and mentors will get the opportunity to say what they would like to cover in future sessions so we can plan these for later in the year. Make sure you take the opportunity if there is something you want us to deliver and tell us, you can email us at [email protected] and tell us that way too using the subject line “Topic suggestions for CPD”.

Transforming Conversations – Buiding a Coaching Culture is Back!

The NHS needs colleagues who can have a different kind of conversation using an appropriate coaching style. Changing style takes practice, this programme will enable you to develop practical coaching skills you can apply straight away at work and in your personal life, equipping you with the coaching skills to be an effective, inclusive and compassionate leader. Key benefits of this course include building confidence to lead inclusively through meaningful conversations with diverse groups and enabling you to build a coaching culture to support the development of high-performing teams.

Benefits of Coaching programme:

  • consider their own leadership style and challenges
  • Improving productivity and performance
  • Strengthen Manager/Employee Relationships
  • Recognition Increases Retention
  • understand and lead change
  • explore collaboration and system working
  • clarify what it will mean to be successful and support the integration of the health and care system.
  • Have the headspace to work through challenges and opportunities related to your leadership role.
  • reflect on and develop the collaborative, compassionate and inclusive leadership skills that are key to success.
  • increase personal insight, enabling you to build your confidence, build on your talents and play to your strengths.
  • increase understanding of personal resilience and how to deepen it.

This programme was run in 2020 and was hugely popular, see below some of the feedback from attendees:

“Its improving my clinical supervision”

“I’m moving from being helpful to being useful”


When are the modules being run?

Starting in November 2021, spaced across eight weeks, this course is a 28-hour virtual learning programme delivered via video learning and interactive Zoom sessions. Everything taught is based on what the International Coaching Federation (ICF) define as coaching mastery. It’s practical, highly interactive with lots of opportunities for skills practice and doesn’t require an extra workload of academic assignments or assessments in addition to session learning. This approach makes learning more flexible to fit in with you.

Find out more on our events page

Mentoring Skills For Senior Leaders is Back!

Following a hugely successful run in 2020/21 we have 9 brand new cohorts of mentoring Skills For Senior Leaders starting in October 2021 including evening cohorts for flexible learning, book your place now!

What is Mentoring Skills For Senior Leaders?

This exciting new opportunity consists of three webinars, with assessments and practical skills application, at the end of which delegates are qualified to join our mentoring register and become a Midlands mentor with access to support, peer networks and brand new in 2021/22 Mentoring continued professional development (CPD) workshops and Supervision Sessions! There are 9 cohorts available, starting in October 2021 and running into March 2022.

The objectives of this training are to increase the capacity of our mentoring register, as we have fewer registered mentors currently than we will need to best grow and nurture the careers of our staff for the future, and to ensure that this support offer extends to being able to offer mentoring at all levels up to and including director level as this is also something we have limited current capacity for and is a need identified particularly working in the Talent Pools.

Outcomes include:

A clear understanding of what mentoring is, along with the key skills and competencies required to be effective in the role

  • Improved skills in listening, asking questions, contracting and boundary setting, giving feedback, offering high support and high challenge in conversations, agreeing options and overcoming barriers
  • Development of skills that underpin development of compassionate, inclusive and collaborative leadership support, person-centred care, and empowerment to foster independence
  • An understanding of reciprocal and upward mentoring and its benefits
  • An understanding of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Code of Ethics
  • Self-reflection and raise self-awareness through input, exercises and discussion. It will include a blend of theory, discussion and experiential learning, supporting individuals to learn and develop as a result of the training
  • They will also have the experience of having acted as Mentor, Mentee and Observer in the afternoon’s mentor practice session. Delegates are asked to bring real life-issues to this session
  • Understand the different outcomes of mentoring, including growth, development, career progression, talent development, diversity and inclusion

Who can attend?

Board executives including non-executive level, clinical directors, system leaders and senior leaders or Network leaders who work in Midlands.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to the individuals attending, however instead there is a commitment to registering on our mentoring hub and mentoring at least 2 mentees per year in order to utilise the skills learned and contribute towards the growth and development of our workforce in line with the People Plan.

If you feel like you have knowledge and expertise to pass on, and are working in a senior role in the Midlands, please sign up here

Comments from Alumni:

  • “A really well led introduction to mentoring. Real life example used to illustrate. Very good facilitator.”
  • “An excellent programme which went much further than I expected”
  • “Very good programme. I will strongly recommend to colleagues”
  • “Very informative. Well put together and superbly presented by Keith, made me think and re-evaluate my mentoring approach.”
  • ”I have mentored before but was interested from a leadership capacity. Wasn’t sure how much I would learn but was pleasantly surprised on how useful and insightful this has been.”
  • “This programme Exceeded my expectations, and I am now looking forward to mentoring staff.”
  • “Keith was fantastic. He was able to make the mentorship process so clear and precise. I appreciate that the process is different in person with the actual mentee however I feel more confident now on how to approach the situation with the mentee. I have learned additional tools to help with mentees from Keith’s own experiences also.”
  • “Keith has been very supportive and structured the sessions in an engaging way. The sessions have been set at a pace that suits me which I have really appreciated. I have also appreciated the practical and honest examples Keith gave in the session, the opportunity to ask and be given responses to questions.”
  • “I have been asked previously if I’d be interested in mentoring someone and at that point I wasn’t ready. Now I feel confident to step into this role and to use my experience and learning to help others when the opportunity arises, hence registering on Mentornet.”
  • “I have enjoyed the programme and hope that there are refresher sessions in future to remind us of the guiding principles for mentoring. THANK YOU for this opportunity.”

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