Coaching and Mentoring

Are you new to coaching and mentoring and want to know more? Watch the video below!


What is Coaching? 

Coaching is one of the key approaches which aims to support leadership development. It is a method of developing an individual’s capabilities using questioning techniques which enable the individual to become more self-aware, resilient and confident. Coaching is often perceived as the single most effective development opportunity that a leader in the NHS can access: 

  • The relationship has a set duration 
  • It is structured with regular scheduled meetings 
  • Short term and focussed on specific development issues, issues goals and work 
  • The coach does not need to have experience of the coachees role 

The benefits of coaching 

Research by Clutterbuck (1998), Whitmore (2009) and Hawkins (2011) shows that benefits of workplace coaching includes: 

  • Better communication 
  • Greater cooperation 
  • Improved decision making 
  • Increased self-awareness 
  • Less conflict 
  • Overall better performance 
  • Reduced staff turnover 
  • Shared vision and commitment 
  • Supporting individuals and teams through workplace changes 
  • Supports lifelong learning and individual; responsibility for learning 

Access coaching 

We offer an inclusive approach to coaching and are committed to developing a coaching culture. We make this offer for Midlands health and care staff, to register for coaching click here

How to become a coach? 

To become a coach on the Midlands Life Long Learning Coaching register you must: 

  • Be qualified at either ILM5 or EMCC Practitioner level 
  • Undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to enhance knowledge and skills to become a more effective coach 
  • Participate in regular supervision 
  • Agree to undertake two hours of coaching per month 
  • Operate within the ethical guidelines laid out in the EMCC Code of Ethics 

You can find the details on how to register on to our coaching and mentoring hub 


What is Mentoring? 

Mentoring is a dynamic, supportive relationship between two individuals which exists to develop the mentee either within their current role or for the future. Mentoring differs from coaching in that it takes a holistic view of the mentee, is an on-going relationship and the agenda is usually set by the mentee with the mentor providing support and guidance. Mentoring is available to a diverse range of employees and cross-organisational, cross-professional and peer mentoring relationships are encouraged. 

Accessing a mentor 

You can access the Midlands Life Long Learning Mentoring register here

How to become a mentor 

If you have relevant mentoring training or experience, you may wish to register as a mentor on our coaching and mentoring hub, where registered mentees can approach you for a mentoring relationship. By registering, you also become eligible to sign up to our mentoring CPD and supervision offers as part of our support for mentors. To find current offers please visit our events page. 

We offer a range of mentoring routes and training, to find out more please contact us at [email protected]