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As you will be aware, the East and West Midlands Leadership Academies were disestablished on 31st March 2020 and the Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team (‘Midlands LLL’) was formed from 1st April 2020.  The East and West Midlands teams have been joined as part of the NHS England and NHS Improvement regime to move in to seven regions across the UK and the Midlands LLL is part of the NHS People Directorate headed by Prerana Issar, Chief People Officer within the NHS Executive Group.  Find out more about our integrated work with NHS England and NHS Improvement in the Midlands region on the following link.

Local health systems within the Midlands will be supported by our integrated regional team and we will support and guide you to make decisions about how best to support and assure performance in your region, as well as supporting system transformation and the development of sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated care systems.  The NHS Long Term Plan focuses on delivering integrated care to patients at the local level and we can best support the NHS to deliver this as a single integrated organisation.

The Midlands LLL is led by Dr Clare Price-Dowd, Head of Leadership and Lifelong Learning.  Clare has worked in the NHS her entire career, initially training as a nurse in Nottingham, she then spent 13 years working as a Health Visitor and practice teacher before moving into management and education.  Clare spent three years as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby before moving into national roles across the NHS with the NHSU, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and the NHS Leadership Academy where she has served as Senior Programme Lead for Evaluation and Patient Experience since 2013.  Most recently Clare has led the development of the NHS Leadership Compact in advance of the publication of the full People Plan, working with leaders of all levels across the system.  Clare has a proven track record and a wealth of experience in understanding leadership development requirements  and delivering them in a way that is forward thinking and seeks to make real difference to the care of our patients.

You will find out more about the team that will be supporting Clare within the Midlands LLL on the about us page.

We look forward to working with and supporting you over the coming months.  Please see our about us page for contact details for our team.

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Midlands Leadership and Lifelong learning

We are the NHS: People Plan 2020/21

The NHS People Plan, along with our People Promise, sets out what our NHS People can expect from their leaders and from each other.  This plan sets out practical actions for employers and systems, as well as the actions that NHS England and NHS Improvement and Health Education England will take over the remainder of 2020/21.

To find out more head to the NHS England website

Complete Leadership Series – coming soon …….

The Complete Leadership Series is a series of practical virtual one-day workshops designed to develop leaders with the necessary skills and behaviours to support delivery of high quality and efficient services that leads to better outcomes for patients, improved health and well-being in local communities and greater staff engagement and satisfaction. 

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