Midlands Leadership Academy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

As we continue to move forward equality, diversity and inclusion remains at the heart of everything we do.  To support the NHS as an organisation full of people from diverse backgrounds we advocate inclusion and participation for everyone, upholding diversity, fairness, and individual choices. We value difference. 

We provide a range of programmes and events designed to enable staff to develop and excel in their roles and to realise their full potential and promote good leadership skills at every level. 

Visible Leaders Network 

Our Visible Leaders Network is aimed at NHS Staff from a Black, Asian and Ethnic Monitory background, bands 4 to 8a, who are looking to develop into leadership roles.  Offering support, guidance, networking and leadership development opportunities this is a great chance for like minded individuals to get together.  By minority ethnic we mean any racial background you identify with.

Further information can be found here. 

NHS England’s and Improvement’s People’s Voice Ambassadors 

The People’s Voice Ambassadors is an initiative in which ordinary people come together to work with NHS Staff to build and support the NHS from the perspective of the Ambassador or patient.  To tell their stories and share their lived experiences.  

To investigate this further click here. 

Staff Networks 

Our aim is to work with staff networks and support them in anyway we can.   We have been fortunate to work with some of the NHS England staff networks and value the skills, expertise and knowledge and support they can provide.  In assisting us with learning and awareness events has provided and invaluable opportunity and a must for all staff who wish to learn about our colleagues. 


We have been running a series of bitesize events on issues such as disability and menopause this year. To catch up on these events, follow the link to this page.

To check what is coming up and register look at our events page here

Past Events and Resources 

If you wish to re-visit some of our past EDI events such as celebrating women in leadership and staff networks working together with some of our staff networks and partners, please follow the link to this page.

Also, we have started to put together some valuable EDI resources please do check out this page here.

If you wish to add to this and share your own EDI resources please do so by sending information to [email protected]