Midlands Leadership Academy

About us

The Midlands team are now back to working on their roles within the leadership academy having been deployed, many since March 2020, to other work streams to support the frontline of the NHS at this difficult time; these work streams included bringing staff back in to the NHS, supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS staff and work within the incident coordination centre in the Midlands. We are now starting to look forwards and direct our work to supporting our colleagues in the Midlands to enable us to provide you with a high standard of leadership development when you need us. 

As we start to recover from the unprecedented effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19), our team has been working hard behind the scenes to design, develop and procure our offers as required by our system within the Midlands. In June and July 2020 we have held listening events with our stakeholders where you told us what you want and need from us; please check back to our website from August where you will find details and booking procedures to attend our events from September 2020 onwards. 

Although a new team of colleagues we have a strong team spirit, a supportive nature and a diverse mix of people – meet your Midlands LLL team by clicking on the our team link on the right hand side of this page.