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The NHS is constantly evolving and over the coming years, some of the most wide-ranging changes will occur in Primary Care. To meet the needs of a changing population, adopt important innovations and redesign for greater sustainability, Primary Care teams across England will need to evolve the ways in which they work. “The key challenge for all NHS organisations is to nurture cultures that ensure the delivery of continuously improving high quality, safe and compassionate health care. Leadership is the more influential factor in shaping organisational culture, and so ensuring the necessary leadership behaviours, strategies and qualities is fundamental”

This is a leadership challenge of unprecedented scale and complexity which requires that Primary Care professionals are inspired, equipped and supported in their leadership roles. This has been recognised in successive national policy documents including the General Practice Five Year Forward View, the National Improvement and Leadership Development Board’s “Developing People – Improving Care”, People Plan and the NHS Long-Term-Plan.

During the next few years, Primary Care will undergo enormous changes to meet the ambitions of the NHS Long-Term-Plan. The pressures of an ageing population, the need for better health outcomes, recruitment, COVID19 and retention issues, an increased use of technology, the introduction of Integrated Care Systems, and greater collaboration through Primary Care Networks (PCNs) all present leadership challenges for those working in Primary Care.

Leaders will need to work more collectively across networks and systems, to be visionary in designing future services, and more effective in leading their teams to help improve the quality of patient care and the health and well-being of local communities. The behaviours and skills of our leaders are fundamental to the performance of our services.

Our goal is to work with and through our stakeholders to create an effective leadership development service that supports the multi-professionals working in Primary Care as they strive to deliver excellent services in the interests of health and wellbeing for all. We will do this through offering support and development opportunities to individuals, teams, organisations and system leaders as they strive to enhance their leadership capability in a challenging environment.

The NHS Long-Term-Plan provides a powerful starting point for local action and we know that implementing its ambitions requires the development of effective PCNs. Within the NHS England PCN Development Support Guidance and Prospectus, Organisational Development (OD) is highlighted as one of the six key domains of development needed to help PCNs to mature and thrive. OD is picked out as a practical method of support to build flourishing teams, develop positive working environments, work collaboratively and support networks for success. We will work with all Primary Care organisations in the Midlands to understand their leadership and OD needs and aim to address the gaps working with system partners.

What we offer

The Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team goals are to develop the leadership capacity and capability across Primary Care in the Midlands and to provide a clear, consistent and accessible leadership and OD development offer for the range people who work in Primary Care; supporting individuals, teams, networks and systems.

Individual leadership development: Through our range of national programmes, local learning and development programmes, seminars, masterclasses and diagnostic resources such as the toolkit, we support clinicians and managers in Primary Care to understand their leadership competencies, values and behaviours. This leads to creating and promoting a positive, inclusive and people-centred culture that engages and inspires all our people to effectively lead service transformation.

Team leadership & OD development: We work in partnership with local stakeholders to ensure that people who work in Primary Care have access to interventions that support their own team development. This includes community-facing local provision of the Academy’s Mary Seacole programme.

Network support and development: A range of interventions is offered to support the development of all Primary Care organisations including PCNs, GP Federations, GP partnerships, GP practices, Training Hubs, through their leadership and organisational development journeys.

Coaching and mentoring: Coaching is an extremely effective form of personal leadership development that helps individuals move forward with a particular situation, or in their careers, for a set duration. People seek a coach because they want to improve their circumstances and achieve their goals. Often people are looking to learn new ways of thinking and approaching issues.

Our Coaching Register is open to mentees from across Primary Care in the Midlands. Find out more and register here.

Mentoring is the support and guidance of one individual to another to help with professional development and career goals with the opportunity to develop leadership capacity at all levels over a longer period of time. Our Mentoring Register is open to mentees from across Primary Care in Midlands. Find out more and register here.

Graduate management scheme: As part of an expanded Graduate Management Training Scheme, the Midlands is ensuring that opportunities for trainees are more readily available in Primary Care.

Talent management: The Midlands is working to ensure that primary care is present in talent management structures and workstreams as these are established across the NHS over the coming years.

Consultancy and bespoke solutionsWe are responsive to requests from Primary Care, providing expertise and guidance in relation to the design, co-design and delivery of bespoke leadership and organisational development solutions.

Through our work we support the system to meet the needs of today whilst equipping our people with the skills to identify and transform services for the future.

Leadership & Organisational Development for Primary Care Networks

The Midland Leadership & Lifelong Learning team offers a range of tools, models, programme and expertise to support individuals, local partners, Primary Care organisations, GP practices, ICSs and PCNs & Training Hubs to develop leaders for everyone no matter where they are in the career.

The Developing Leadership in Primary Care programme is focused on equipping leaders with the key insights, skills and capabilities to lead their challenging agenda.

Our current offers and how to access

To find out what is available, or to discuss your individual or organisational needs, please contact our local dedicated Primary Care lead Phillip Masuwa at [email protected]