Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Resources

This page is a place for you to find EDI resources which we hope you will find relevant and of interest. Please email us and let us know if this is the case or if you have any other suggestions you may find of interest.

Diversity and Inclusion

General information and sites which cover EDI in all it’s forms which may be of interest.


Staff networks provide an opportunity for a group of individuals to come together to share ideas, raise awareness and support each other.  The following are some resources from our NHSE staff Networks and information on how to set up your own staff network.

NHSE/I Disability and Wellbeing Network (DAWN)

NHSE/I Menopause Network

Muslim Network




Allyship is an important part of a cohesive and effective workforce. Please click here to download our Allyship Toolkit PDF.

Unconscious Bias

The purpose of this toolkit is to support individuals, managers and leaders to recognise situations where bias may have impacted his or her decision-making, behaviours and how that might impact others. Please click here to download our Unconscious Bias Toolkit PDF