Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – 20/21

Inspiring Women in Leadership & Men as Allies – Lift as you Climb

The conference will help you to consider your leadership style, hopes, aspirations, values and goals and how you can overcome barriers that women face in achieving personal and work-related goals. In addition, how you can work with an ally as support but equally consider how you can become an ally for women to encourage, support and elevate them within the organisation as you progress your own career.

You will have been able to consider what may hold you back from progression in your career – and give practical advice on how this can be tackled.

You will have gained an understanding of the latest research on leadership, cultural change, opportunities for development and to access support for personal development.

We hope you left the conference with insight and practical actions to empower you and others around you in order that we can create a more diverse workforce.

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Making Staff Networks work for Me, My Team and My Organisation

The pivotal role that staff networks play during the COVID19 pandemic and the potential it has to continue to play in driving the NHS Plan forward cannot be underestimated. It will involve creativity and development across a myriad of different and difficult areas, such as recruitment and retention; creating and embedding a compassionate, safe, and inclusive culture; and driving the development of a more agile, adaptive, and flexible workforce that uses new ways of working across teams and different organisations supported by technology.

Therefore, to enhance the staff experience employers must make effective use of staff networks to benefit from their employees’ full potential.

This workshop was intended to supply you with the latest tools and strategies needed to reap the benefits of a highly motivated and functioning staff network.

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Religious Literacy, Chaplaincy & Culture: Elements of Multiplicity in The Workplace

As employers encounter new challenges involving expressions of religion, beliefs and culture in the workplace, new research shows that HR professionals and employees have vastly different perspectives about what it means to practice one’s faith at work.

This workshop looks at how organisations can promote an understanding of faith in the workplace that goes beyond just polices and by developing an appropriate culture. It will specifically address the key role of HR, learning development specialists, line managers and chaplains among others who have a key role to support staff.

We know that when staff practice their religion or express their beliefs at work, it can positively impact workplace interactions, employee engagement and team performance.

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