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Leadership and Change Management Masterclass Series: Understanding Culture and Managing Change

Virtual via Zoom.

Introducing our informative and engaging Leadership and Change Management masterclass series. This series comprises of five virtual masterclasses with accompanying toolkits.

Recognising your existing experience and skills as a professional audience, the purpose of these masterclasses is to provide valuable protected time to provide you with fresh insights and equip you with tools to move your area of responsibility forward in ways that are congruent with local and wider systems, and which engage and enable your teams.

Each masterclass will provide an environment to listen and learn about effective practice and different perspectives from subject matter experts and reflect on the application and impact in your leadership.  Importantly, you will have time and space to shape and plan the changes you want to make locally.  Masterclasses will be interactive, allowing for questions, discussion and sharing of ideas and experience.

This is the second masterclass in the series and focuses on Understanding Culture and Managing Change.  To quote the author Simon Sinek in his book Start with Why, “The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas.  The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.”    This masterclass will help you to articulate the culture you want to create in your workplace.  It will also equip you to create an environment which engages and excites your team to implement changes.

The masterclass will cover:

  • Exploring leadership influence on workplace culture.
  • Introducing and developing culture design frameworks.
  • Considering the drivers and impacts of transformational change.
  • Developing the skills needed to lead people through large-scale changes and create cultural change.
  • Evaluating the change-readiness of teams.

Participants will take away a Business Improvement and Change toolkit.


Although the masterclasses are sequenced to develop leadership in the context of change, they are designed to be independent of one another. You can choose to attend all five masterclasses or pick and mix to your development need.  They are scheduled for the following dates and can be booked on individually via the links:

Masterclass One: Leading Change Resilient Systems (Friday 25th March; 10:00–12:00)

Masterclass Three: Generating Accountability through Positive Questioning (Friday 6th May; 10:00-12:00)

Masterclass Four: Communicating and Influencing whilst Maintaining Relationships Friday 27th May; 10:00-12:00)

Masterclass Five: Working at Scale with Stakeholders to develop the PCN (Thursday 23rd June; 17:00-19:00)

Who can attend the programme?

All NHS staff from Primary, Secondary and Social Care

Date and time:

Thursday 7th April 17:00-19:00

This is a virtual masterclass and delivery will be by Zoom.

Is there a cost to participants? 

No, the programme is fully funded by Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Special Requirements: 

If you have any special requirements with regards to accessibility either before, during or after the event, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Phillip Masuwa

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk