NHS Leadership Academy pan-regional working 2022/23

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Following the success of the offers that were put out across all 7 academies in 2021/22, and a directive from the heads of leadership academies at the beginning of this year, we have taken a new and exciting approach to our offers.

We have distilled the best of what the regions had offered in the previous year and put together a collaborative offer which will be consistent across the regions. This means that we are working together to bring you some exciting offers, some of which may be available across multiple regions, which will bring a consistency to the learning experience of NHS staff who wish to participate, even if they are based in different locations.

We have new offers across leadership development, coaching and mentoring, primary care, systems and EDI, to book your place please visit our events page.

  • Mentoring CPD and supervision is open to mentors from all regions on our website
  • The primary care workshop Impact of Long-Term Health Conditions is open to all regions on our website
  • Unpacking Power is a leadership development workshop hosted by South East Leadership Academy and is open to all regions
  • Art of Being Brilliant and Rising Stronger are leadership development workshops hosted on our website and open to the East of England
  • Leading Transformation for Intergrated Care is for people working in the systems across Midlands and East of England but hosted on the East of England website

There will be more offers which are open to all or multiple regions so keep an eye on the events page and our newsletter. If you have any questions about your eligibility for any of the sessions we are running, you can get in touch with us via email at [email protected]

We hope this will have greater impact as more NHS staff will be getting the same opportunities and be able to use their learning out in the systems for a more consistent approach. And we look forward to welcoming you onto our workshops and masterclasses for another exciting and innovative year.

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