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Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent ICS and PCN Leadership, Communications and Relationships Development


Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are an NHS initiative bringing general practices together to work at scale, with an intention to improve a range of services to patients, while enabling an easier integration with the wider health and care system. Most networks are geographically based and, between them, cover all practices within a clinical commissioning group (CCG) boundary.

As these PCNs are born out of collaborations between general practices, it is important to ensure the relationships are underpinned by trust, support, and clear focus regarding roles of collaborations. In instances where clarity is lacking, there are likely to be operational issues within the PCNs, which can lead to a lack of efficiency, among other things.

Organisational Assessment and Development Planning

This stage will be undertaken between June and September. The purpose of this phase is to develop a strategic plan for the programme, which will be based on reviewing organisational information and co-ordinating with the various PCNs on assessment processes. This is especially important in a model where there are several different organisations involved; each with their own ways of working and cultures. The consultant will undertake an assessment of each PCN via an online survey and through talking to member practice leads.

The aim will be to gather information on how partnerships could be maximised in this context, particularly to ensure collaborative ways of working for each PCN.  The purpose is to initiate a learning assessment which will determine improvement and development ideas across the participating PCNs. The key to success will rely on leaders, managers and teams having a strategic route map with clearly defined stages and phases that enable them to see where they fit and the role they do play, or should play, in creating a high performing culture.


The consultant will hold two workshops for the PCN members.  The aim of the first half-day workshop is to discuss the learnings and implement working solutions in the format. The workshop will focus on the current ways of working and what needs to happen to build a resilient and sustainable workforce moving forward, across various PCNs. It is important to ensure all individuals involved are highly engaged as the strategy for achieving the objectives requires collaboration of leaders from the various practices. The first workshop will take place around September time and exact date, time, location will be agreed with each PCN.

The aim of the second half-day workshop will be to discuss the implemented solutions and offer ongoing support on how to circumvent other issues. This will be delivered in a similar format to the first workshop. It’s important to ensure there is ongoing team building and development of an appropriate culture, behaviours, and values, so as to maximise collaboration.

CDs should send expressions of interest on behalf for the whole PCN to [email protected]

The CCG will triangulate with PCN maturity matrix assessments to identify PCNs that might benefit from this programme.