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Primary, Secondary and Social Care – Systems Leadership Series

Virtual via Zoom.

 Introducing our informative and engaging systems leadership series. This series of four virtual masterclasses are based upon the Northwest NHS Leadership Academy’s systems leadership model of principles and behaviours. They have been designed to support the development of ICS’s and PCN and are aimed at Primary, Secondary and Social Care Leaders. Our facilitator, Martin Fischer, will lead participants on an exploration of the move to systems thinking and working within the NHS, providing challenge, theory and opportunity for practice. Be prepared to be challenged, to interact and to be pro-active!

Who can attend the series?

This series is aimed at those in senior management roles in Primary Care (PCN Managers, Business Managers, Practice Managers) and managers within trusts who are looking to advance their leadership capability in and across health and care systems and communities. There are 24 places, priority will be given to those working in Primary Care settings.

Is there a cost to participants?

No, the programme is fully funded by Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Special Requirements:

If you have any special requirements with regards to accessibility either before, during or after the event, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Dates and Times:

All the Masterclasses run from 9am until 12.30pm

  • 12th May 2022 – Day One: Being
  • 26th May 2022 – Day Two: Relating and Communicating
  • 9th June 2022 – Day Three: Leading and Visioning
  • 23rd June 2022 – Day Four:  Delivering – Innovation across the Systems

(We recommend that you hold the dates in your diary).

Series content:


Day one is a theory-based workshop that will tackle the key elements of systems leadership, taking a holistic approach with an emphasis on:

  • Creating an inclusive and diverse changemaking culture.
  • Bringing together knowledge, understanding and confidence to engage in leadership behaviours in working across system. primary care and community.
  • New ways of working – prioritising population health and reducing health inequalities.
  • Exploring the beliefs underlying your approach to leadership and change.
  • Insights as to why the system generates inequalities and simple approaches to address population heath and inequalities.

As Kurt Lewin said, ‘There is nothing so practical as a good theory’. In this session you will reflect on your theory in use and understand the core ideas that build a theory of organisations as complex adaptive social systems. These ideas will be applied to the critical issues the NHS is facing, from service redesign to population health and inequalities.

Relating and Communicating

Day two in the series focusses on embracing a collaborative culture in systemic transformation and change. Looking at working beyond boundaries, reimagining the systems in which we work such as:

  • Understanding and crafting the goal and the systemic issues you want to address.
  • An ability to engage and align diverse stakeholders around shared goals. Maximising the potential for diversity and difference.
  • How systems leadership can act as a means for bringing marginalised groups into the design and delivery of services.
  • Emphasis on empowering action and collaboration by a broad network of organisations.
  • Understanding the systemic drivers of the issues you want to address
  • Engaging diverse stakeholders around shared goals. Maximising the possibilities found in diversity and difference.
  • Creating networks for learning

 Leading and Visioning

Day three focusses on collective leadership, exploring overcoming barriers to systems thinking and working and leading confidently in what can be often volatile environments. An emphasis on mediating existing power relations and hierarchy and building ethical and sustainable change across systems:

  • Cognitive empathy – recognise and understand others’ perspectives.
  • Collaborative and inclusive teamwork – non-hierarchical team, spreading knowledge and working towards a common goal.
  • Systemic action – Accepting constant change as a reality and believe in the power of systemic action. Allowing for experimentation and risk.
  • Shared leadership – encouraging wider positive impact. The collective approach to leadership.
  • Designing vision, purpose strategy and using multiple perspectives to understand what needs to change.

Delivering – innovation across the systems

Day four, finishes the series with mobilising innovation and action across a system. The facilitator will explore and ignite:

  • The courage to take risks, filled with examples of successful system change projects.
  • Raising confidence, enthusiasm and courage to embark on innovative change.
  • Widespread action rather than occupying the spotlight.
  • A journey of discovery and insight as Systems thinking emerges.
  • An approach to growing innovation across the system.