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Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent PCN Leadership Development Programme cohort 2


Votive Leadership Consultancy was formed in 2006 and specialises in developing leadership thinking, improving employee engagement and helping organisations develop the culture and skillsets required to create high performing teams. Rooted in the belief that all leadership starts with self, the consultancy has delivered its unique offering to a wide range of corporates and is also currently a member of the National NHS Leadership Academy. Over recent months they have worked with several Clinical Directors and Primary Care Networks to help them to establish themselves within the new model and deliver on the Long-Term Plan.


The aims of the programme are to develop leadership capacity and capability across primary care to support the development of primary care networks, the coproduction of health and well-being with people and communities and the service transformation described in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The programme is designed to provide delegates with increased confidence founded on a better understanding of each other and the common component parts of an effective team. We will provide tools to improve communication, manage state in self and others, understand the challenge of changing group think, encourage open constructive conversations and establish a common leadership language across the region.

Programme Structure:

The programme is based around 5x virtual workshops, each lasting no more than 2.5hrs, and each designed to build on the learning and application from the previous. The programme will be supported via our Digital Learning Portal, which delegates will be given access to at the beginning of the programme. Any pre-module work will be found there as well as a series of videocasts designed to support the key learning messages which underpin each module. These videos will be available for at least the next twelve months and will provide the delegate the opportunity to return to the learning, access the tools discussed and support further development.

The programme will be held on the Zoom Platform and delegates will be given login details upon registration. The login details remain the same for the whole programme.

The Workshops:

Module One: Leading Self:

All of our programmes have Leading Self at the heart and therefore this module forms the foundation module of the programme. All too often being overlooked, the the ability to apply core leadership principles of Emotional Intelligence and responsibility adoption remains fundamental to good leadership practice. The module is designed to improve resilience, provide the delegate with stress coping mechanisms and improve overall wellbeing. Simply put the module is designed to help the delegate to access more of their ability when they need it most, and to be able to pass these messages on to those they lead.

  • Introduction to the practical application of emotional intelligence strategies in the workplace
  • Supporting leaders in handling stress
  • Attitude versus skills
  • Managing state including the role of “response-ability’.
  • Directing the personal mental camera

Module Two: Leadership & Culture

Unique to Votive Leadership is the effective followership concept. All leaders have a followership role to play and ultimately, they are there to create the right environment to allow effective followership traits to develop in others. This new and fresh approach to delivering a systems approach to leadership and culture fits perfectly with the People Plan and achieving the integration aims of the Long-Term Plan. The module also explores the core foundations of a leadership culture, reviewing the “Customer Experience” and asking the fundamental question ‘why should anyone be led by you?”

  • Introduction to Systems Thinking approach to problem solving
  • Understanding the concept of Effective Followership
  • The role of ‘servant leader’
  • Developing a High Performing Team
  • Customer Experience.

Module Three: Managing Change

A leader’s job is to deliver change and the requirements of the Long-Term Plan will require leaders to manage and handle change effectively. For change to be lasting then the change needs to be made at the thinking level. At this level there will be a series of interferences and preconceptions which cloud the change agenda. A Practioner needs to have the tools and versatility to be able to cut through these and create new visions. This module looks at the psychology behind change and provide the delegate with practical tools to deliver change within the PCN.

  • The importance of changing at the ‘thinking’ level
  • The Iceberg model
  • Change strategies
  • Strategic thinking / Systems Thinking
  • Reframing the Comfort Zone

Module Four: Improving Personal Communications

Improving our ability to handle conversations, especially those of a critical nature is vital. This module will focus on a series of skills-based techniques that communicators use to exert greater degrees of influence. Delegates will learn how to make conversations safe and how to improve their personal presence when communicating. We will also explore the effect of personality and help delegates design and develop their own Relationship Map.

  • Handling critical conversations
  • Improving influence and presence
  • Managing conflict
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Improving listening

Module Five: Developing High Performing Teams

A leader’s role is to get the job done, but it is also to release the potential in others through effective teamwork. This module focuses on what prevents a team performing effectively and looks at how we can gain alignment throughout the PCN. We explore the importance of the purposeful organisation and the need to establish a ‘corporate identity’, one which will thrive within the system. We will provide delegates with the tools to further develop their networks and a pathway for them to follow to establish a ‘pull’ bottom-up approach to delivering healthcare solutions to their end users.

  • The dysfunctions of a team
  • Using Logical Levels to gain alignment
  • The use of questions to develop performance-based conversations
  • The importance of purpose, identity, mastery and autonomy.

Workshop 1        9 Sep     1400-1630hrs
Workshop 2        27 Sep   1400-1630hrs
Workshop 3        10 Oct   1400-1630hrs
Workshop 4        2 Nov    1000-1230hrs
Workshop 5        15 Nov 1400-1630hrs

Colleagues should participate in all five sessions.  Please book onto a cohort where you can make all 5 sessions.

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Organiser: Jackie Bryan & Phillip Masuwa

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