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Mentoring Skills for Senior Leaders Cohort 19

Virtual via Zoom.

What is it about?

The aim of this webinar series is to provide high quality mentoring skills development to senior leaders so that they are able to offer mentoring support to a wide range of individuals at different levels of seniority and in different disciplines within the Midlands area and to provide our talented leaders with tools and theories which will allow staff to work collaboratively, compassionately and in an inclusively diverse manner through engaging in curious mentoring conversations. Developing mentors supports the NHS Long-Term Plan, the People Plan and the development of diversity and opportunity for all.

The programme is designed to provide individuals with insight and vision into ‘what is needed’ and the specific tools needed to release the underlying potential within their mentees, in their system, as well as the wider NHS organisation as part of our mentoring community.

What is mentoring?

“Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.” Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring.

A mentor is someone who offers you space to think who has already had experience of the area you wish to explore and has knowledge and networks which may be appropriate to share as you develop and grow as a professional and as a person.


Mentoring is used:

To develop systems and place-based leadership at all levels to support population health

As a deliberate conduit to build leadership for inclusion

To shape and develop inclusive and system-focused talent management and succession planning for the health and care economy

As enablers for the organisational development (OD) agenda for cultural transformation and redesign that places the pledge of the NHS constitution at the very heart of leadership practice for world class patient and citizen care.


Mentoring allows:

Off-line support to encourage innovation and creativity, through an external sounding board able to challenge assumptions

Working beyond professional/organisational boundaries, to develop wider understanding and recognise the ‘bigger picture’

Development of leadership skills for inevitable ongoing changes: ‘time out’ to reflect on own and others learning and leadership approaches

Feedback, challenge and support from an impartial person, able to ask powerful questions and unlock potential

Building support networks that extend into the sources of power within organisations and societies.

Programme Structure


A clear understanding of what mentoring is, along with the key skills and competencies required to be effective in the role

Improved skills in listening, asking questions, contracting and boundary setting, giving feedback, offering high support and high challenge in conversations, agreeing options and overcoming barriers

Development of skills that underpin development of compassionate, inclusive and collaborative leadership support, person-centred care, and empowerment to foster independence

An understanding of reciprocal and upward mentoring and its benefits

An understanding of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Code of Ethics

Self-reflection and raise self-awareness through input, exercises and discussion. It will include a blend of theory, discussion and experiential learning, supporting individuals to learn and develop as a result of the training

They will also have the experience of having acted as Mentor, Mentee and Observer in the afternoon’s mentor practice session. Delegates are asked to bring real life-issues to this session

Understand the different outcomes of mentoring, including growth, development, career progression, talent development, diversity and inclusion


Who can attend?

Board executives including non-executive level, clinical directors, system leaders and senior leaders who work in Midlands.


Training Dates and Information

You will need to attend all 3 webinars to be able to complete this programme and to register as a mentor with us, registration is required prior to the date of your first webinar, your profile will be activated on completion of the programme.

Link to registration: Inclusive Mentoring : Leadership Lifelong Learning Midlands (leadershipacademy.nhs.uk)

Please note that as one of the purposes of this programme is to increase our Midlands NHS Mentoring capacity on our Coaching and Mentoring Hub, by the end of the programme there will be an expectation that trained mentors will be registered on our mentoring database and mentor a minimum of two mentees per year.  In return, the Midlands Leadership Academy and Talent Team will provide excellent CPD opportunities and ongoing supervision.

This training is delivered via Zoom, you may need to contact your IT provider to ensure this is enabled on your equipment.


Cohort 19 session dates

Session 1: 9 June 1700 – 19:30

Session 2: 20 June 1400 – 16:30

Session3: 12 July 1700 – 19:30