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Loss and Grief: A Path to Enhanced Workforce Productivity with Eva Nabunya

Virtual via MS Teams.

This lived experience and informational session is given by Eva Nabunya who works in Data and Analytics at NHS England.

Eva recounts – completely head on with grief when I went through multiple miscarriages and as a woman with a yearning for motherhood, the weight of the losses left me feeling adrift, where I questioned my self-worth. My journey led me to finding a solution to my emptiness where I attended a grief programme Edu- Therapy from which I have earned certification.

Grief is a universal human experience, which ends up permeating our professional spheres, often unspoken yet it quietly gnawing away at the workforce productivity. But here’s the truth: grief extends far beyond mourning the loss of a loved one. It’s a complex web of emotions that can stem from various sources, such as job changes, company restructuring, breakups, migration, loss of income, and even the collective grief caused by a global crisis like a pandemic.

Within our workplace, these unspoken emotions act like silent saboteurs, eroding both productivity and the overall well-being of employees. When employees carry the weight of unprocessed grief, it hampers their ability to perform at their best.

The remedy lies in demystifying grief. It starts with embracing those difficult conversations that have been deferred for too long. In doing so, we create a compassionate and supportive environment where employees can share their experiences without fear of judgment.

This transformation isn’t just about empathy; it’s about the bottom line. A compassionate workplace is a productive one. Employees who feel valued and supported are more likely to be engaged, resilient, and motivated.

In this session I will be sharing some tips on coping with grief, the myths around grief and loss and what not to say to a griever. I will leave you with this quote.

β€œAll healing is first a healing of the heart.” β€” Carl Townsend

Grief, when addressed openly and compassionately, can become a catalyst for healing and enhancing workforce productivity.

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This event is open to anyone within the NHS with an interest in the topic.

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