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Introduction to Leadership & Management – Module 5: What is systems leadership?


What is it?


This programme will provide an introduction to the key principles of leadership and management, how to apply and adapt them effectively to support and develop your team and its culture.  It will develop your self-awareness and understanding of your own leadership style and support you to use inclusive and compassionate leadership to ensure everyone feels valued and able to contribute. It will also build confidence to have courageous conversations, explore how to give effective feedback and to build and manage workplace relationships.  It will develop the skills of influencing and collaboration to enable you to communicate with confidence across your integrated system of care.

You can attend all 5 modules as a programme or choose to select those which you feel will be of greatest benefit to develop your leadership and management skills.


Module 5: What is systems leadership?

Embracing Systems Leadership is part 5 of the Introduction to Leadership and Management Series. In this session you will;

  • develop an understanding of systems leadership,
  • understand Covey’s Circles of Influence and Concern
  • explore building and managing relationships through influencing, negotiating, and communicating beyond your team within the broader community of care


Who can attend?

This session is aimed at aspiring leaders.

Aspiring Leaders: ​For those looking to take their first steps into a management role and build their leadership capability ​


What modules are part of the introduction to leadership & management offer? 

The 5 modules that are available to book onto via our website events page are

  1. Leadership, Management and You
  2. Understanding your Leadership Style
  3. Inclusive Leadership
  4. Conducting courageous conversations
  5. Embracing Systems Leadership


How is it run?

All modules will be delivered virtually via Zoom.


Is there a cost?

No, this training has been funded by Midlands Leadership & Lifelong Learning and is free for attendees.


Questions about this event?

Organiser : Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk