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The Art of Being Brilliant


About the session: 

You 2.0 

When the world’s doing its worst it’s doubly important that you know how to be at your best! THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT helps you shine by reconnecting you with you. 

It acts as the cornerstone of any personal or organisational change programme. We use cutting edge research but have surgically removed the big words and replaced them with simple, do-able principles that are applicable at work and home. We like to think of it as a personal upgrade that allows you to thrive no matter what the world throws at you. 

THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT is your competitive advantage. In plain simple English, we want this to be the best training you have ever had. Whisper it quietly, but it might even change your life? 

Why this programme  

Our programmes are based on the research findings of Dr Andy Cope. Andy flipped psychology and instead of looking at illness, he looked at wellness. His Loughborough PhD (the first in the UK) was about employee engagement, with a specific focus on elevated states of wellbeing. Andy examined those at the top of the wellbeing spectrum (at Art of Brilliance, we call them the ‘2-percenters’, the small group of staff who are flourishing) and sought to answer 3 questions: 

  • Who are the 2-percenters? 
  • What are they doing that allows them to flourish? 
  • What can we learn from them that we might apply to the wider staffing population, so they might flourish too? 

Our programmes take in the wider areas of Positive Psychology (purpose, strengths, resilience, self-care, etc), but Andy’s original research provides the DNA of our portfolio. This gives our programmes a strong academic grounding, but our ‘uniqueness’ actually comes from bringing the messages to life through humour, story-telling and common-sense principles. 

Who is this session for: 

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care. 

Other information: 

If you are unable to attend any of the sessions above please register via our Expression of Interest page, this will help us to understand the demand for our programmes and plan accordingly. You will also be notified when we release new dates for this workshop. 

If your circumstances change and you can no longer attend, please email midlands.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk 

The session will be delivered virtually 


About the facilitator:

This webinar will be facilitated by Jonathan Peach. 

About Jonathan: Jonathan’s big passion is helping people achieve their dreams and believes that the only person stopping them from doing this is themselves. 

As a speaker, trainer and coach, he works with individuals and teams, sharing strategies for ridding people of limiting beliefs and being the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. 

Jonathan co-wrote the book ‘Leadership the Multiplier Effect’ with Andy Cope and is a regular trainer and coach on the online programme ‘Wellbeing Workout’ that streams on Facebook live each week 

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk