Leadership Development 20/21

The Interim People Plan highlights the importance of Leaders who can collaborate with others and develop trusted relationships; leaders who are inclusive and compassionate in all interactions; are positive role models; develop their own staff and take collective responsibility.

Complete Leadership Series

The Complete Leadership Series was a series of practical virtual one-day workshops designed to develop leaders with the necessary skills and behaviours to support delivery of high quality and efficient services that leads to better outcomes for patients, improved health and well-being in local communities and greater staff engagement and satisfaction. 

Workshop Outlines

Leading Compassionately Through Change

An understanding of change models and ways to design, implement and support effective change that encourages and celebrates diversity.

Leading and Developing Great Teams

Looks at developing and creating diverse teams to get the very best from their people and increase engagement and motivation.

Influencing And Negotiating Skills

The workshop will ensure delegates are confident in recognising and accepting difference, whilst skilled in creating connections across the system, influencing and negotiating beyond their authority and managing any fear or conflict to a successful outcome. The workshop will provide an opportunity to role-model networking.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Leaders need to be in tune with themselves and those around them in order to bring out the best in people, emotional intelligence is about exploring this in an inclusive and person centred way.

Virtual Leadership

Equipping leaders with skills and capabilities to create virtual teams to work, motivate and engage effectively with an inclusive and flexible approach.

Using Online Platforms As A Tool For Change

Using online platforms to influence and promote positive change and as a resource for self-education, helping leaders become more inclusive and aware of different lived experiences.

Trauma Informed leadership, working through crisis

The impact of COVID-19 has shown us how you cannot separate the employee from the person. Leaders need to be comfortable navigating the negative aspects of this and provide effective support and leadership in the working environment. The aim is to effectively manage the welfare needs of colleagues across all sectors who are or have been exposed to potentially traumatic incidents; and in response to ongoing high stress to support coping, foster resilience and reduce the risk of burnout.

Inclusive Leadership/ Culturally Sensitive Appreciative Leadership

A leader should be able to adapt their approach to bring out the best in all their colleagues. This requires an understanding and appreciation for the language and communication used when interacting with people from different cultures, each of whom have valuable contributions to make.