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Leading Anchor Organisations Masterclass 3: The best job for the person – inclusive workforce and employment interventions


The NHS is committed to addressing the social determinants of health, improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities. Anchor institutions are large public sector organisations which are rooted in place and connected to their communities, such as universities, local authorities, and hospitals and work together with their communities to tackle these challenges. Anchors have significant assets and spending power and are often a significant employer in an area and can consciously use these resources to benefit communities. Traditionally anchors focus on employability, procurement  and sustainability strategies and can, when aligned across the ICS partner organisations, contribute significantly to the economic situation and help to reduce health inequalities.  It can also contribute to addressing the workforce supply issues across the health and care sector.

To Consider leadership issues and deepen the understanding of anchor institutions and their potential to solve some NHS challenges and also reduce inequalities, this mini masterclass is for all staff nationally, working in the public sector to share, adopt and adapt existing good practice from other anchor institutions.

About the Master class 

The best job for the person – inclusive workforce and employment programmes

Some health institutions are now starting to change the narrative around their workforce by using their power as employers to tackle the social determinants of health and create a more just society. For these organisations, it’s not about just wanting “the best person for the job”, but using the job to do the best by the people who make up your local economy. Where does the NHS start here and how can these interventions be scaled and amplified across entire health systems?

The Facilitator 

Tom Lloyd Goodwin: click here for the facilitator profile.

Book your Place:

This masterclass is hosted by our colleagues in the South East Leadership Academy.

To reserve your place, please visit SELA Masterclass 3 and complete the RSVP at the bottom of the page.

Questions about the session: 

Organiser: Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team

Email: [email protected]