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Working from Home

The Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team have been working from home since mid-March 2020, as have many people across the country and globe.  Here are our positive and negatives of working from home:


  • No commute – time and environment saved
  • More exercise – time originally devoted to the commute can be given to a quick walk around the park or a Joe Wicks session
  • Focus – we can concentrate and focus on our work within the home environment
  • Connectivity and productivity – more communication with our team as we connect for team meetings, coffee catch ups and even entertainment evenings
  • Flexibility – being able to adjust working hours to suit our own work/life balance


  • Being sedentary – more attention needed to ensure that regular screen breaks are taken and notice is taken of posture while working virtually
  • Boundaries – be careful to differentiate home life from work life
  • Interior design – its not ideal having office equipment in your bedroom or dining room, however a small price to pay for the advantages
  • Relationships – we miss being able to have a get together with our team, and baking and eating the occasional cakes together!

You will find a link to our blogs page here which includes a blog written by our GMTS Senior Leadership Development Manager, Lizzy Stillibrand with her thoughts of working from home.