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Reciprocal and Reverse Mentoring for Inclusion

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As part of our commitment to inclusion and improving the experience of working within the NHS, we are proud to be a part of the Reciprocal Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring programmes. Both of these programmes look at a mentoring approach for NHS staff from underrepresented groups and how we can create transformational change to work towards a more equitable culture within the NHS. Though the names sound similar they are actually two quite different approaches to mentoring for inclusion.  

Reverse & reciprocal mentoring – what are they?  

The mentee is the learnerBoth parties are learners
Facilitated on a 1 to 1 match at individual levelFacilitated at a whole board level
Expertise is passed down from mentor to menteeExpertise is co-developed
The mentee can open doors for the mentorBoth open doors of experience and understanding for each other
The mentee develops an understanding of their biases and those within the systemBoth develop an understanding of their biases and the ways the system works against greater equity
 Both learners develop their ability to make transformational interventions

The first cohort of reverse mentoring in 2021 was completed at the end of March and we are looking forward to running more cohorts in the Midlands region soon.

These programmes have both been valuable learning experiences for all involved and have demonstrated our organisation’s commitment to inclusive leadership and a fair and equitable culture in the NHS that benefits everyone.

If you are interested in finding out more about mentoring, follow the link to these pages:

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Comment below to let us know your views on reverse and reciprocal mentoring? Would you benefit from this? Do you have experience of these types of mentoring? We’d love for you to share your thoughts and knowledge.

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