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Systems Leadership

Throughout England, leaders and their teams in local health and care organisations are working in partnership to dissolve barriers between primary care services and hospitals, between physical and mental health, and between health and social care. This will help to address the current challenges. Through Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) our leaders are striving to build local health and care systems where the shared aims of improving care for individuals, improving population health and well-being, and improving value for money come before all else.

The system is increasingly complex and fast paced, this requires adaptable individuals who are able to influence enable and support their workforce across the boundaries of power to ensure the delivery of compassionate care.  This requires our leaders and managers to be skilled in systems leadership, whilst also working to create the architecture required at place, community, and geographical level to deliver high quality, person-centred care.

Primary, Secondary and Social Care Systems Leadership Series

The Midlands Leadership Academy will be running a Systems Leadership Series, designed to compliment our existing and soon to be extended Complete Leadership Series, these workshops will support the participants in developing their systems leadership capabilities. They will be designed to support the systems leadership behaviours framework produced by our colleagues in the North West Leadership Academy and available via their website. The themes being:

Being – Looking to build clarity, confidence and enthusiasm for systems thinking and being.

Relating and Communicating – A desire to improve the way that leaders collaborate across organisational, professional and hierarchical boundaries to design and deliver better outcomes for people.

Leading and Visioning – A collective approach to leadership and shared power. Broaden the perspective of the wider system, explore how systems and the people working in them behave and understand the implications for leading change.

Delivering – Turning knowledge into action and embarking on a journey of discovery!

For more information here is our marketing flyer

Intergenerational Leadership Masterclass

We were thrilled to introduce keynote speakers’ father and son generational experts’ duo: Jonah and David Stillman! They used their expertise to inspire and bring meaningful insight into how generations connect and clash in todays’ workplace.  If you missed this event and would like a copy of the recording then email [email protected] and will can send you the link.

Leading for System Change (NHS Leadership Academy Programme)

Providing practical, place-based support to help build collaborative leadership thinking across all areas of Integrated Care Systems (ICS). The programme supports cross sector teams that are working on complex issues relating to ICS strategic priorities.  

More information is available via the National Leadership Academy’s website

If you would like to explore whether this programme meets the needs of your system, please get in touch with us on [email protected].

Systems Leadership e-Book

View the NHS Leadership Academy eBook for more about developing excellence in system leadership.

National Onboarding Resources for Senior Leaders

NHS National Academy Offer

The National Leadership Academy have created an onboarding offer for newly appointed ICB Board members at a national level, to complement existing offers for ICBs. The website was developed as an offer to any executive director appointed to an NHS Board and is included in the good practice pack that ICBs were given to support them in their recruitment of other board members.

Who is this for ?

These resources are designed to support senior leaders working in any part of the system or the partnership delivery structures in developing your leadership in a complex and changing landscape. In addition to these resources there are specific elements for Chairs and Non Executive Directors.

Your well-being during the COVID 19 pandemic

Leading an NHS organisation can be challenging and pressured at any time. During this global pandemic it is especially important to take care of yourself to enable you to support and lead staff and ensure the best service for patients – during and beyond this time. There is support available to you and your staff at the Supporting Our People page, with specific resources for senior leaders in the Executive Suite. Your existing peer and regional networks can also be great support. Thank you for everything you are doing.

These resources will complement your local induction.

Find out more on the webpage here or contact [email protected]

Bespoke Systems Development

As an integral part of the NHS landscape, our team understands the importance of both organisational and system context, recognising that the culture, language and influencing factors from one locality to another are inherently different and that a one size fits all approach simply does not work. With a proven track record in working with acute, mental health and community providers as well as CCGs, STPs, ICPs, Local Authorities and social care organisations, we are strategically placed to offer a holistic view of the NHS landscape and work with you to understand your current challenges and to co-produce effective interventions at individual, team, organisational and system level.

Working with a highly-skilled pool of experts we are now able to meet the growing demand from our stakeholders for bespoke interventions, whether at organisational or system level. Following an initial enquiry, we will arrange to have a conversation with you to fully understand your objectives, after which we will work with you to design a bespoke intervention for your needs, requirements and desired outcomes.

Contact us to find out how we can assist on [email protected]

The Midlands

Our work involves supporting the 11 ICSs and STPs that are in the Midlands region, to ensure that together they provide excellent services that meet the needs of patients. This includes working with wider partners from our local communities to encourage integrated, place-based care for all.

Find out more about the Integrated Care Systems in the Midlands region on the following links: