Midlands Leadership Academy

Systems Leadership

The Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team aims to deliver high quality and bespoke leadership development interventions to health and social care staff across the region. We have built a reputation across the region for developing award winning and highly acclaimed programmes which deliver impact and positive return on investment, ensuring that we get the very best from our NHS workforce.

We will work with you to address the challenges leaders and teams in health and social care face. The system is increasingly complex, fast paced, pressured, demanding and relentless. This requires adaptable individuals who are able to influence, enable and support their workforce across the boundaries of power to ensure the delivery of compassionate patient care.

Throughout England, leaders and their teams in local health and care organisations are working in partnership to dissolve barriers between primary care services and hospitals, between physical and mental health, and between health and social care. This will help to address the current challenges. Through Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) our leaders are striving to build local health and care systems where the shared aims of improving care for individuals, improving population health and well-being, and improving value for money come before all else.

As an integral part of the NHS landscape, our team understands the importance of both organisational and system context, recognising that the culture, language and influencing factors from one locality to another are inherently different and that a one size fits all approach simply does not work. With a proven track record in working with acute, mental health and community providers as well as CCGs, STPs, ICPs, Local Authorities and social care organisations, we are strategically placed to offer a holistic view of the NHS landscape and work with you to understand your current challenges and to co-produce effective interventions at individual, team, organisational and system level.

Working with a highly-skilled pool of experts we are now able to meet the growing demand from our stakeholders for bespoke interventions, whether at organisational or system level. Following an initial enquiry, we will arrange to have a conversation with you to fully understand your objectives, after which we will work with you to design a bespoke intervention for your needs, requirements and desired outcomes. Outcomes will be measured using suitable metrics that are agreed during the initial consultation to ensure maximum return on investment. Contact us to find out how we can assist your organisation on [email protected]

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