Complete Leadership Series 2022/23

  • Complete Leadership Series 2022/23

Complete Leadership Series 2022/23

Aimed at Emerging Leaders: For those in front-line and operational management roles looking to improve and enhance their leadership capability.

For our Complete Leadership Series (‘CLS’) 2022/23, we will be releasing offers from September 2022 onward to help you target the areas of development leaders and managers have identified as top priorities right now.

These can be accessed either as individual or multiple complimenting workshops, providing progression to enable you to develop more in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular aspect of your leadership learning, with the flexibility to engage as much or as little as meets your needs. Upcoming workshops and masterclasses are below with dates to be added as they become available:

Leading with resilience in challenging times

Leading in challenging times

Trauma informed leadership

The Art of being brilliant masterclass

Rising stronger masterclass

Leading and influencing in teams and systems

Leading with courage and compassion

Unpacking power masterclass

About the session:

A two-hour online collective inquiry into our experience of power in the workplace – and of the ways in which we might ethically improve our organisational presence and practice in this respect.

What to expect in this session:

In the course of this interactive event, participants will be invited to:

Reflect on their personal understanding of power

Explore power in the context of their workplace – both their own power and that of others

Expand their understanding of power in an organisational context in order to develop a more nuanced view of it and the way in which it presents itself

By the end of the session, the inquiry will have provided attenders with the opportunity to:

Acknowledge the way in which power inhabits organisational settings, notwithstanding corporate efforts to “disappear” it

Appreciate how they personally experience power – and the ways in which their power might be being experienced

Commit to rethinking their presence and practice in the workplace in a way that is positively mindful of the web of power in which we find ourselves enmeshed

What to expect Who is this session for?

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care.

Book your Place

Thursday 29th September – 11:00 – 13:00

Thursday 27th October – 11:00 – 13:00

Thursday 24th November – 11:00 – 13:00

Thursday 26th January 2023 – 11:00 – 13:00

Thursday 23rd February 2023 – 11:00 – 13:00

Thursday 30th March 2023 – 11:00 – 13:00

SELA will retain a record of your name, job role, organisation, band, and contact details on its secure alumni register and contacts database for management information and communications purposes. Although we will be able to see your name and email address upon submission, this data will be anonymised from the EDI details. We appreciate your support in providing this information, which will help us to ensure our leadership development interventions are widely accessible and inclusive.

Your booking details (i.e. name, role, organisation, ICS) will be shared with the event provider and/or facilitator to allow them to understand participant thinking and adapt the event accordingly, in addition to other regional leadership academies (as required) and with the members of other relevant SELA networks to aid communication, sharing of good practice and support. Please note that this is in line with information governance and data protection guidelines. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Should you have any queries, or if your circumstances change and you can no longer attend, or you wish to opt out of the above arrangements, please contact [email protected].

If you are unable to attend any of the sessions above please register via our Expression of Interest page, this will help us to understand the demand for our programmes and plan accordingly. You will also be notified when we release new dates for this workshop.

Influencing without influence

Leading inclusively and compassionately

Power of compassion and inclusion

Leading Inclusively & appreciatively

Supporting growth through adversity

Leading with cultural sensitivity

Creating a great team culture

Creating an inclusive team culture

Shaping your workplace culture

Embedding psychological safety

Managing conflict, incivility and respect

Outward mindset masterclass

Giving and receiving feedback through the lens of inclusion

Leading and managing teams

Teams & Teaming in Turbulent Times

Creating high performing Teams