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Complete Leadership Series 2021/22

  • Complete Leadership Series 2021/22

Complete Leadership Series 2021/22

Aimed at Emerging Leaders: For those in front-line and operational management roles looking to improve and enhance their leadership capability

For our Complete Leadership Series (‘CLS’) 2021/22, we have bundled workshops and packages of learning by specific themes to help you target the areas of development leaders and managers have identified as top priorities right now.

These can be accessed either as individual workshops or as a mini-series, providing progression to enable you to develop more in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular aspect of your leadership learning, with the flexibility to engage as much or as little as meets your needs.

  • CLS 1 – Leading with resilience in challenging times: It is more apparent than ever before how much we need leaders who can both be resilient and build resilience in others when faced with change or challenges. This suite of development will build skills and confidence in leaders and managers to enable them to accomplish this in their roles while preventing burnout or overwhelm.
  • Module 1 – Leading in challenging times – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 2 – Trauma informed leadership – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 3 – Supporting growth through adversity
  • CLS 2 – Virtual team leadership: Since the overhaul of ways of working in 2020, it is more important than ever that our leaders in health and care can adapt and thrive on screen as much as they do in person. We have developed a suite of learning designed to enhance team leadership skills and ensure that leaders retain a high level of engagement and response when leading virtually.
  • Module 1 – Leading & developing great teams – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 2 – Relationships & connectivity – leading remote teams – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 3 – Virtual Leadership
  • CLS 3 – Influencing and negotiating: As a leader or manager, it is important to understand your influence, how to master it and use it to achieve the best outcomes for everybody. To help you get there, we have developed a suite of learning that covers the skills and capabilities to influence and negotiate with a wide demographic, at different levels of seniority, and to do so compassionately and with psychological safety.
  • Module 1 – Influencing and negotiating skills – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 2 – Shaping your workplace Culture – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 3 – Embedding Psychological Safety – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • CLS 4 – Leading conversations: As a leader or manager, it is important to be able to conduct meaningful conversations, give effective feedback and at times have courageous conversations with resilience. This suite of learning is designed to develop a strong foundation of skills and techniques to ensure learners can conduct great leadership conversations.
  • Module 1 – Managing meaningful conversations – making every conversation count
  • Module 2 – Leading conversations with resilience
  • Module 3 – Facilitating effective feedback conversations
  • CLS 5 – Leading inclusively: Inclusivity sits at the heart of effective leadership and management in the NHS. This requires leaders and managers who are positive role models and take collective responsibility for EDI. This package of learning will develop leaders who are compassionate, lead with cultural appreciation and sensitivity and can facilitate inclusively to support social justice.
  • Inclusion Series: made up of three modules to be taken together:
  • Module 1 – Leading inclusively and appreciatively
  • Module 2 – Leading with cultural sensitivity
  • Module 3 – Facilitating inclusively to support social justice
  • CLS 6 – Leading with compassion: The NHS needs compassionate leadership to ensure the best possible outcomes for staff, patients and communities as highlighted in the People Plan and the new Leadership Compact. This learning package has been designed to develop leaders and managers who can lead with courage, compassion and moral purpose especially in times of change.
  • Module 1 – Leading compassionately through change virtually – Out Now! Book via Events Page
  • Module 2 – Leading with courage and compassion
  • Module 3 – Leading with compassion & moral purpose

We are so excited about this year’s offers and will be releasing more information as well as dates to book soon – watch this space.

If you miss out on a chance to book a workshop please fill out the expression of interest form below. If there are cancellations or more sessions made available, we will email you to let you know.