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Transforming Conversations – Building a Coaching Culture


What is it about?

The NHS needs colleagues who can have a different kind of conversation using a coaching style. Changing style takes practice,  this programme will enable you to develop practical coaching skills you can apply straight away at work and in your personal life, equipping you with the coaching skills to be an effective, inclusive and compassionate leader. Key benefits of this course include building confidence to lead inclusively through meaningful conversations with diverse groups, and enabling you to build a coaching culture to support the development of high-performing teams.

Who can attend?

Open to NHS staff at all levels, no previous experience is required. This programme is for leaders to gain coaching skills and build a coaching culture within their organisations. For delegates who would like to develop a coaching approach to their leadership, this is an excellent start to your journey.

How is it run?

Spaced across six months, this course is a 28 hour virtual learning programme delivered via Zoom . Everything taught is based on what the International Coaching Federation (ICF) define as coaching mastery. It’s practical, highly interactive with lots of opportunities for skills practice and doesn’t require an extra workload of academic assignments or assessments in addition to session learning. This approach makes learning more flexible to fit in with you.

Mandatory Attendance Dates:

2nd December 2020 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

9th December 2020 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

16th December 2020 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

6th January 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

13th January 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

20th January 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

27th January 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

6 weeks to embed learning

10th March 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

17th March 2021-  2.30pm – 4.40pm

31st March 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

21st April 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

5th May 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

12th May 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

19th May 2021 –  2.30pm – 4.40pm

Is there a cost?

No, this has been funded by Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning.

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Dawn Simmonds

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

<p>Phone: 07519 615 280</p>