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Complete Leadership Series – Rising Stronger Workshop

Virtual via MS Teams.
About the session: From mental health to mental wealth.  The world has moved on and so must our thinking and behaviours. This session is absolutely not about challenging you to up your game or work harder, it’s about nudging you to remember who you are at your best. That’s not only good for you. It creates positive ripples that impact on your family, your team and your customers. Bouncing back is one thing, bouncing forward is quite another. RISING STRONGER has individual and team resilience at its core. 

What to expect in this session:

Your wellbeing 6-pack. RISING STRONGER is built around a wellbeing and resilience ‘6-pack’. 

Adaptability. With the new normal in charge, it’s important to be able to unlearn and relearn a mindset to match the challenges you face. 

The power of NOW. The best way to inoculate yourself against stress is to calm your thinking. Therefore, we include a smidgeon of mindfulness like you’ve never heard it before. 

Words create worlds. It’s so easy to slide back into old habits. We introduce a few words that will help you to rethink your thinking. 

Drop the guilt. A recurring theme of all our training is to do less and be more. To reboot, it’s often a matter of switching off and back on again. The same principle also applies to human beings. 

Impact. We’re all superheroes pretending to be normal. Pants on the outside is a fashion faux pas so, instead, RISING STRONGER is about rediscovering your mojo. 

Getting over it. We all carry mental baggage and it isn’t half easy to develop a habit of grumbling. To have your best year ever, you need to learn to let go 

Our programmes are based on the research findings of Dr Andy Cope. Andy flipped psychology and instead of looking at illness, he looked at wellness. His Loughborough PhD (the first in the UK) was about employee engagement, with a specific focus on elevated states of wellbeing. Andy examined those at the top of the wellbeing spectrum (at Art of Brilliance, we call them the ‘2-percenters’, the small group of staff who are flourishing) and sought to answer 3 questions: 

  • Who are the 2-percenters? 
  • What are they doing that allows them to flourish? 
  • What can we learn from them that we might apply to the wider staffing population, so they might flourish too? 

Our programmes take in the wider areas of Positive Psychology (purpose, strengths, resilience, self-care, etc), but Andy’s original research provides the DNA of our portfolio. This gives our programmes a strong academic grounding, but our ‘uniqueness’ actually comes from bringing the messages to life through humour, story-telling and common-sense principles. 

Who is this session for?

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care.

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The session will be virtually on MS Teams

About the Facilitator

This session will be facilitated by Andy Cope 

About Andy: Andy is a qualified teacher, wellbeing expert and ‘recovering academic’. His Loughborough University thesis was 12 years in the making and the reward for grinding out his PhD is that he gets to call himself a ‘Doctor of Happiness’. 

The good doctor is lucky enough to work with some very large businesses, including DHL, Kelloggs, Hewlett Packard, Astra Zeneca, Lego, L’Oreal, Nationwide and UEFA. He has tailored his workshops to meet the needs of children and teachers and delivers to audiences from age 8 upwards! 

Andy writes the ‘Brilliant’ range of self-help books for adults and teenagers, and also pens the successful children’s ‘Spy Dog’ series for Puffin. 

His books are frequently on the best-sellers list. ‘The Happiness Revolution’ is just out and he’s currently working on a writing project with Bear Grylls.