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Living Well Workshop: Growing Collective Well-being (Cohort 2)



The programme is being delivered in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ambitions of the Long-Term Plan and NHS People Plan. Throughout the pandemic, leaders have had to operate beyond their comfort zone. Leaders at all levels have risen to the challenge in what has been an unprecedented year for the NHS. We need to recognise this talent; unleash their potential and we can do this through the power of mentoring. For this to be effective, individuals need to be upskilled in the delivery of mentor-led interventions. For example: developing their leadership capabilities as mentors who are compassionate, inclusive and distributive; to support innovation, new ways of working and sustainability; and support them in developing behaviours that enable them to deal with issues of equality, diversity and inclusion, particularly in the current context.

Well-being is consciously understanding the impact the natural highs and lows of life have on our ability to be well and to be armed with the skills to navigate them positively. Our ability to be well impacts every aspect of our lives, enabling us to perform at our optimal in and outside of our workplaces.

This 90-minute virtual workshop will break down the definition of well-being, arming each delegate with the essential information required to understand and then proactively and positively build well-being habits and systems.

Living Well Workshop

Starting with the definition provides everyone with a workable and collective language that supports vital ongoing conversations, creating a culture of speaking up and speaking out. By doing so we provide confidence and cultural norms that talking about well-being and mental health is positive.

With so much information in the public arena on well-being, we rely on using models which are underpinned in scientific research. As advocates and scholars of positive psychology, we work with Martin Seligmans PERMAH model of well-being.

Using the PERMAH model we will explore how well-being is a construct and not an outcome and by understanding the different pillars we can be proactive in developing new habits that supports our overall well-being as we navigate the natural highs and lows. We will also explore some practical ideas everyone can implement following the session.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be armed with the knowledge, tools andĀ confidence to:

  • Discuss and define well-being
  • Utilise the 6 pillars of well-being to proactively manage and grow personal well-being
  • Define and establish positive well-being habits and systems
  • Build resilience through the implementation of well-being knowledge and habits

View this promotional video for more information:

Date and time

Thursday 17th June 2021: 5-7pm via Zoom

Is there a cost to participates in the Programme?

No, the Programme is fully funded by the NHS England & NHS Improvement.

Who can attend the webinar?

All Midlands Leaders however we’d especially welcome anyone from within Midlands Primary Care.

How can I register an interest in the programme?

Deadline to register for a place on the programme is the 7th June 2021

Please note:

Places are limited to 25

Applications will be considered on a first-come first-served basis.

Places will be allocated equally across the Midlands.

The facilitator for the webinars

Emma CollerĀ  and Chris Gibson


If you have any questions about this programme offer, please contact NHSE/I Midlands Leadership & Lifelong Learning Team by email: [email protected]

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Phillip Masuwa

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk