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Leading Strategic Innovation in Health and Well-being – Cohort 4


The programme is being delivered in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ambitions of the Long-Term Plan and NHS People Plan. Throughout the pandemic, leaders have had to operate beyond their comfort zone. Leaders at all levels have risen to the challenge in what has been an unprecedented year for the NHS. We need to recognise this talent; unleash their potential and we can do this through the power of mentoring. For this to be effective, individuals need to be upskilled in the delivery of Health and wellbeing -led interventions. For example: developing their leadership capabilities who are compassionate, inclusive and distributive; to support innovation, new ways of working and sustainability; and support them in developing behaviours that enable them to deal with issues of equality, diversity and inclusion, particularly in the current context.

The purpose of these workshops is to provide an understanding of well-being and resilience at an individual level, creating collective well-being and resilience at a team level, developing a culture of positive well-being and resilience at an organisational level and creating positive strategies at the system level.

Four Micro workshops have been designed by Growth Pod to provide training on how to Lead strategic innovation in health and well-being. The focus will be on supporting holistic health through a system lens.

Growth Pod is an organisational development and leadership training company who specialise in developing individuals, teams, and organisations to positively navigate through our emerging and changing workspaces.

At the end of these workshops’ participants will have explored well-being and resilience through:

  1. The individual lens
  2. The team lens
  3. The organisational lens
  4. The system lens

Dates and Times

  • Session 1 8th Feb
  • Session 2 8th March
  • Session 3 5th April
  • Session 4 3rd May

Workshop One – Through the individual lens

Building a strong Well-being and resilience culture requires each person to take personal responsibility. In this session we will start with exploring this topic at an individual level. By doing so we build individual capability. In this workshop we will explore the following outcomes:

Understand and benchmark personal holistic well-being and resilience

Use your benchmark as a gauge to measure your levels

Learn the skills and tools to take proactive action

Learn techniques to boost your well-being and resilience

Identify your enablers and blockers

Identify the importance of a life-work balance and learn how to maintain it

Craft effective strategies

Generate action plans and learn how to build positive well-being habits

Workshop Two – Through the team lens

Psychologically safe teams are one of the greatest influencers when it comes to avoiding burnout in the workplace. In workshop two we will study team responsibility in building well-being and resilience by exploring the following outcomes:

Create a communal and shared approach to building collective well-being and resilience

Encourage conversations around well-being, resilience, and health

Identify and build support mechanisms

Gain a conscious understanding of the shadow you cast and how to model healthy behaviours

Explore positive team cultures that support well-being and resilience

Explore how job crafting can support well-being, build resilience, and generate optimal work outcomes

Workshop Three – Through the organisational lens

Well-being and resilience can’t operate effectively in silos. Adopting an integrated systematic approach enables a wider-reaching impact, leading to meaningful progress and lasting change. In workshop three we will view well-being and resilience through an organisational lens by exploring the following outcomes:

Building Resilient People & Workplaces

Developing a realistic perspective

Learning how to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty in life and work with confidence

Learn how to embrace the mess and magic of change in a VUCA world

Understand how to feel comfortable when navigating uncomfortable experiences

Explore positive organisational cultures that support well-being and resilience

Workshop Four – Through the system lens

Lasting change requires a change of culture and unified values, in workshop four we will explore the following outcomes which will complete our system view of well-being and resilience:

Developing a system science approach to well-being

Integrating well-being and resilience strategies

Measuring and collating individual, collective and organizational well-being data

Measuring what matters

Bridging well-being and resilience with operational. tactical or strategic objectives

Decision making through the lens of well-being

Is there a cost to participates in the Programme?

No, the Programme is fully funded by the Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning team

Do we need to attend the 4 days of the Programme?

Yes, but there are occasions where we accept apologies, for example for not attending due to unforeseen/unexpected important events

Who can attend the webinar?

Any who works in Midlands Primary Care or System

Will the webinars be recorded and available for me to view later?

Each live session will be recorded and uploaded into the eClassroom. This will allow any participants who are unable to attend live, access to the learning session, and for delegates to replay the sessions should they wish. (This is a request we have regularly which enables students to re-visit the topic and further embed their learning). But we encourage you to join in the live discussion at one of the sessions to get the most out of this opportunity.

Please note:

Places are limited to 25 and we expect to be oversubscribed.

Applications will be considered on a first-come first-served basis.

Places will be allocated equally across the Midlands and East of England

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Phillip Masuwa

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk