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General Practice – ‘Working at Scale’ Remote Learning Programme


“If you’re a Practice Manager in Primary Care, then this ‘Working at Scale’ skills development programme is likely to be of interest to you or a colleague”.

The Midlands Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team are delighted to announce our first cohort of this programme – updated to  reflect the rapid  changes COVID has brought about to the way we work and designed to equip experienced Practice Managers with the tools, skills, strategies and networks to lead, manage and influence change, and consider how Primary Care Networks (PCN’s), People Plan and the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) will start to shape the way healthcare is delivered locally, regionally and nationally.

The purpose of the programme is to help, equip and enable Practice Managers to lead and manage change within their Practices and support the ongoing development of effective PCN’s within the Region. The aims and design principles of the programme are to:


  1. Provide a robust learning environment to develop ideas, strategies, skills, and tools to drive Practices and Primary Care Networks forward, as appropriate.
  2. Give delegates time and space away from the busy operation to help them shape, plan, build and deliver change across the Region, and within their own Practice.
  3. Work with others on common challenges and issues within Primary Care and develop ways of working in collaboration, co-production and joined up thinking.
  4. Develop and enhance leadership skills and strategic thinking and how to engage others in change.
  5. Enhance and develop the delegates personal network of healthcare leaders and decision makers in Primary Care.


The programme is designed to provide delegates with insight and vision into ‘what is possible’ and how to build on, improve and enhance ‘what already happens’ in their Practice and a year on, within their PCN’s. Throughout the programme delegates will be encouraged to learn and work collaboratively, sharing ideas, insights, and experiences and developing a sense of unity and understanding amongst colleagues.


Attending the Programme


In line with government advice this programme will be delivered virtually using the Zoom platform, Delegates will find the programme engaging, interactive, informative, supportive, challenging and practical.


Throughout the programme delegates will be introduced to the latest thinking in the use of healthcare technology and broaden their understanding of the different perspectives of stakeholder groups, enabling them to make more informed decisions around working in collaboration with others.


During the programme delegates will have the opportunity to work in small groups on a change theme where they can apply their knowledge and skills in an improvement project.  Delegates will also have access to Aspire’s Digital Learning Hub, an on-line training platform designed to enhance the remote learning experience, and includes access to a range of management tools, programme handouts, videos, questionnaires, further reading material, virtual workshops, and personal learning activities (a range of pre and post workshop activities) to embed learning in a supportive and practical way.


The programme is led and facilitated by two experienced management tutors from Aspire Development. Throughout the programme delegates will have the opportunity to listen to and share ideas and experiences with several guest speakers and subject matter experts in healthcare.

Module Theme and Focus of the Module Potential Virtual Workshop Dates
Module 1 – The Big Picture We live in a VUCA world, a pneumonic for volitivity, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Covid 19 has forced many of us to make huge changes in the way we work, live and socialise, and within this crisis healthcare has to continually respond and adapt to these changes and demands. This module provides an opportunity for delegates to stand back and reflect on where they are now, what’s changed, what needs to change, and where Practices and PCN’s are against the strategic direction of travel for Primary Care, and what is needed for us to move to the next level and deal with new challenges? Wednesday 27th January


Module 2 – Working at Scale This module focuses on the Regional vision, ambition, and situation. During the module we will look at the strengths and limitations of general practice across the Midlands and consider where the opportunities are to improve or enhance services, develop collaborative working relationships, and ways to work at scale and deliver efficiencies and shared resources. Thursday 11th February
Module 3 – Enablers of Change The theme of this module is on the use and advancement of technology, AI and digitalisation as a driver of change and an enabler to work at scale and deliver enhanced patient service and care. We are living through a time coined as the third industrial revolution, and during this module delegates will have the opportunity to meet and listen to subject matter experts in healthcare technology, and find out about what is available to support their practice, as well as discover what’s coming down the track in the advancement of future technology. Thursday 11th March
Module 4 – Working with Stakeholders Practice Managers will have numerous stakeholders to manage, work with and influence. On this module delegates will have the opportunity to think about and consider their Practice from a patient and mental health perspective, and linked to patient care, how they bring to life the People Plan and get the best out of MDT’s with specialist roles? Tuesday 30th March
Module 5 – Communicating and Influencing There is a saying that people buy people, and a key theme for this module is around understanding people and what makes them tick by their personality. During the virtual workshop we will introduce delegates to a personality tool called DISC, which will help them better understand themselves and how they interact, communicate and influence others. This module builds upon the previous one by helping delegates to grow as people leaders and develop the techniques and strategies to increase their circle of influence. Thursday 22nd April
Module 6 – Finale In the last module of the programme delegates have an opportunity to review, share and present their learning Thursday 13th May



  • Registration closing date, 14th December 2020
  • Confirmation for successful applications for the programme, 17th December 2020

Please note:

  • Places are limited to 22 and we expect to be oversubscribed.
  • Applications will be considered on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Places will be allocated equally across the Midlands.

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Questions about this event?

Organiser : Phillip Masuwa

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk