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Complete leadership series – Trauma informed leadership

Virtual via Zoom.

What is it? 

As we all adjust to the on-going reality and consequences of the pandemic, it is crucial to acknowledge the impact of what has happened, and consider what this means for our colleagues, services and ourselves as leaders.

Trauma-Informed Leadership understands and appreciates the emotional impacts that people may be struggling with. These might be directly related to the pandemic, indirectly triggered by what has happened with Covid19, or may result from people’s wider life experiences. Trauma might include loss, grief, neglect, abuse, betrayal of trust, a sudden change in circumstances, pain or a sense of powerlessness.

Approaching leadership with an understanding of trauma helps us see and treat others, and ourselves, with more empathy and compassion. It can also help recognise and protect against stress and burnout.

This workshop is not about diagnosing or psycho-analysing yourself or your colleagues. It is not about being a therapist in your leadership role. It is about creating a working environment which is supportive to people who have experienced trauma – and that may include you.

This workshop will offer you:

  • an understanding of what trauma is and how it can be experienced in many different ways and from very diverse perspectives
  • a practical toolkit to help you prepare, protect and care for yourself as a leader in the demanding months ahead
  • a safe space to explore what compassionate leadership means in practice
  • practical ways to model and create psychological safety in your teams

The session will be co-facilitated by Dr Jeanne Hardacre and Georgia Twigg, who worked together as part of the Wellbeing Team at NHS Nightingale London. Jeanne is an independent practitioner in leadership, team development and workplace culture. Georgia is a mental health specialist occupational therapist and lecturer. She co-developed and delivered Psychological PPE training to several hundred staff at NHS Nightingale London.

You will be encouraged to consider thought-provoking ideas, share your views, discuss issues with colleagues, reflect on your own leadership, apply your learning to your own context and ask any questions you have.

You will not be asked to talk about traumatic experiences you have had.

Comments from previous participants

“One of the best training sessions I have attended in a long time”

“There was clearly a lot of expertise held by the facilitators and it was delivered in a friendly and intelligent style”

“I was an excellent session and fantastically facilitated”

“It was an amazing session and gave very deep insight into what trauma is. In our work place (trauma and orthopaedics) we tend to focus on physical injuries but after the session I was able to see it more broadly”

“A fantastically facilitated session, with knowledge and kindness”

“Knowledgeable facilitators that presented information in an accessible manner. It was great; well run and credible”

“I thought the session was organised and run well by two very competent and knowledgeable people. Thank you Jeanne and Georgia”

Who can attend?

This session is aimed at emerging leaders.

Emerging leaders: For those in front-line and operational management roles looking to improve and enhance their leadership capability ​

How is it run?

delivered via zoom

Is there a cost?

No, this training has been funded by Midlands Leadership & Lifelong Learning and is free for attendees.


Questions about this event?

Organiser : Naomi Porter

Email: midlands@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

<p>Phone: 07712544708</p>