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Complete Leadership Series – Embedding Psychological Safety and Compassion

Virtual via Zoom.

What is it? 

As we all come to terms with the emotional rollercoaster of Covid19, being compassionate at work is more important than ever. Yet in the face of current pressures, this can be easier said than done.

Many of us are emotionally and physically drained. We’re worried about the wellbeing of our colleagues and ourselves. Many of our teams are showing signs of chronic stress. The pressures on our services are immense. And as human beings, a lot of us are far more fragile than usual.

Under such pressures, we need human connection and mutual support more than ever. And yet under such stress, compassion and tolerance can quickly evaporate. Despite all our best intentions, creating and leading compassionate cultures in the current context is courageous, challenging work.

This interactive masterclass offers you a safe learning space to:

  • consider how we create and sustain a climate of psychological safety and embed a sense of connection amongst our colleagues
  • understand why and how compassion can wane or feel difficult in the current context
  • apply practical tools to enhance your own compassionate leadership practice
  • explore how to model compassionate leadership, even when the pressure is on
  • develop strategies for self-compassion

You’ll be encouraged to consider thought-provoking ideas, share your views, discuss issues with colleagues, reflect on your own team leadership, apply your learning to your own context and ask any questions you have.

The session will be facilitated by Dr Jeanne Hardacre, Director of Impact4Health. Jeanne has deep and extensive experience of working developmentally with groups of clinicians, practitioners, managers, leaders and teams, both face-to-face and via virtual platforms. Her development work is based on 27 years’ experience working with the NHS, plus research undertaken in university roles.

Feedback from previous participants:

  • Very interactive. “Fierce compassion” was inspirational. Would recommend.
  • Jeanne has been a phenomenal facilitator. She led us with kindness, sensitivity and really acknowledged us as individuals
  • Exploring what impact compassionate leadership can have when implemented well
  • Helped me identify areas which I am not so good at – and how to improve
  • Good to discussing and interact with others
  • I found Jeanne extremely engaging and it has increased my self-awareness
  • It solidified the theory into practical strategies
  • The sharing of experience was good – it was helpful to network and get support
  • Led me to reflect on dynamics between myself and people/ teams I work with, what compassionate leadership is, and what acting in a compassionate way involves
  • Good to be honest about self-compassion, too, as there is an emotional toll to leading with compassion
  • Enjoyed the skilful facilitation and I liked the space created by Jeanne

Who can attend?

This session is aimed at emerging leaders.

Emerging leaders: For those in front-line and operational management roles looking to improve and enhance their leadership capability ​

How is it run?

delivered via zoom

Is there a cost?

No, this training has been funded by Midlands Leadership & Lifelong Learning and is free for attendees.


Questions about this event?

Organiser : Naomi Porter

Email: naomi.porter@england.nhs.uk

<p>Phone: 07712544708</p>